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Cowboy Killers Long Sleeve Rugby Polo

Cowboy Killers Long Sleeve Rugby Polo

Inferno Made

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Everyone loves a good drunk Cowboy Killer! Why are they called Cowboy Killers? Back in the days of Cigarette advertising, many of the Marlboro Men casted to play the brands figurehead died due to smoking related ailments. This spurred the term "Cowboy Killers" which still lives in infamy to this day!

  • Knitted Jeresey Poly-Cotton Fabric.
  • 300 GSM Heavyweight Fabric.
  • Embroidered Logos
  • Tackle Twill embroidered lettering
  • Cold Wash and Hang Dry for longevity of the collar.

Sizing Runs Large!

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Hats - Always try to spot clean first using stain removing detergent sticks. If it becomes unbearably dirty, soak in Oxyclean and scrub with a toothbrush.

Beanies - Cold Wash & Air Dry to prevent stretching. 

Hoodies & T-Shirts

100% Cotton- Warm wash is fine with Lighter Colors. For Dark or Vibrant Colors (Red):      Cold Wash with like colors especially the first wash.

Poly-Cotton Blend- Warm/Cold should be fine. These take the least amount of maintenance when washing.

100% Polyester (Synthetic)- Cold Wash. High-Heat will ruin this fabric.


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