The Growth of Rugby in America: From a Niche Sport to a Thriving Community

The Growth of Rugby in America: From a Niche Sport to a Thriving Community

Rugby, once considered a niche sport in the United States, has been growing in popularity over the past few decades. With the formation of professional leagues, an increase in youth and college programs, and the rise of tournament teams around the country, rugby is becoming a thriving community with a passionate fanbase.

The history of rugby in America dates back to the late 19th century when the first rugby clubs were formed in the Northeast. The sport gained some popularity, but it was still overshadowed by American football, which was rapidly becoming the dominant sport in the country.

In the 1970s and 80s, rugby experienced a resurgence in popularity, with the formation of the first organized leagues and the inclusion of rugby in the Olympics. The sport continued to grow in the 90s and early 2000s, with the establishment of professional leagues like Major League Rugby (MLR), which has brought together the best rugby players in North America.

Today, rugby is played by people of all ages and backgrounds, with teams and clubs popping up all around the country. Youth and college programs have seen a particularly significant increase, with many universities now fielding rugby teams and offering scholarships to players.

In addition to traditional leagues, tournament-style play has become a popular way for teams to compete and showcase their skills. Tournaments like the Las Vegas Invitational and the USA Sevens Rugby Tournament in Los Angeles bring together teams from all over the country and the world, providing a platform for players to showcase their skills and for fans to experience the excitement of rugby in a festival-like atmosphere. In Cleveland, we are very lucky to have an amazing Cleveland Beach Rugby 5's Tournament every summer in July.(

At Inferno, we're proud to be a part of the growing rugby community in America. Our brand is dedicated to providing high-quality rugby apparel and equipment to players and fans alike, and we're committed to supporting the growth of the sport.

We're particularly proud to support the game of Rugby throughout Ohio, and furthermore hope to expand the game in general! Great reporters like Goff Rugby Report have truly help spread the game on a collegiate and further High School level. A true student and patriot in the game of rugby.


As the popularity of rugby continues to grow in America, we're excited to see what the future holds for the sport. Whether you're a player, fan, or just someone looking to learn more about rugby, we invite you to join us in celebrating this exciting and dynamic sport. We'll try to keep plugging away, one team, one jersey, One Rugger at a time...

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